8 Terrifying Cruise Ship Movies to Binge This Halloween

The call is coming from the stern.

Cruises and tourist-laden vessels that set sail for open waters have often been marred by controversy, whether they’re bafflingly colliding or they’re infested with bed bugs. And throughout the decades, their portrayal onscreen has often featured dire, unfortunate situations. So, with that in mind, I present to you the best thrillers and horror flicks that showcase stressed-out characters onboard ships.

Look at These Adorable Rescue Animalsand While You’re at It, Donate to These Organizations

Donate to the cause, take a virtual tour, and/or simply look at photos of baby toucans—your choice.

There are many organizations around the world looking out for wildlife conservation, and all of them rely, for the most part, on donations and support from the communities around them. However, just because you can’t get there in person—because, say, it’s in another country you or (*gestures to the global pandemic, generally*)—doesn’t mean you can’t support them. Here are 10 organizations doing good work around the world to protect and rehabilitate animals, and ways that you can help them out right now, from the comfort of your own home.

In a State With So Many National Parks, There’s Still One Corner That’s Under-the-Radar

Go northeast!

With so many other national parks and recreation areas overshadowing it, northeastern Utah is easily overlooked, especially when compared to Southern Utah. But with many of the same features minus the crowds, little-known Vernal is like Moab before it became overrun with tourists. From remarkable hiking, surreal canyons, and amazing arches, to prehistoric digs, whitewater rafting, and legalized cliff jumping, there’s so much to like about this so-called “Dinosaurland.”

10 Surprisingly Whimsical Spots Where Skulls Are Art

Be thrilled by skull-themed attractions around the world that are more whimsical than bone-chilling.

There’s no bones about it—skulls have captured our imaginations throughout the centuries. A grinning white cranium has a thrilling morbidity, as well as an unexpected beauty; it’s no wonder artists worldwide have been inspired to create captivating works based on their likeness. Human skulls visibly remind us of death’s approach, which is why we often find “memento mori” carved into tombstones. Some ancient cultures, such as the Aztecs and Maya, designed temples and Day of the Dead festivals around their imagery. And let’s not forget the fun and edgy factor, which makes skulls the perfect theme for pirate restaurants and roller-coasters. Enjoy this not-so-grave collection of destinations with imaginative portrayals of skulls. You won’t stumble upon real skeletons in any of these places, although there are indeed crypts and cathedrals built from human bones. Open year-round, these attractions are sure to delight anyone who lives as if every day is Halloween.

9 of the Best Thrift Stores on Instagram

Now you have a new reason to slide into DMs.

There are plenty of reasons to shop vintage, some opt to secondhand shop for sustainability reasons while others enjoy the task of sorting through knick-knacks high and low to find the item that calls their name. For some, however, the task is not always worth the reward—if you’ve never sifted through a pile of clothes at a flea market, just think about the last time you were in a T.J. Maxx. Now on top of the stress of finding the perfect item before someone else swoops in, there is a virus that’s put a temporary pause on some major estate sales and flea markets. For even the most antiquing savvy, things are beginning to look a little different. This pause on in-person treasure hunting, however, has opened us up to a new world of antiquing, and it’s all only a click away. While Etsy has always been popular for those looking to find vintage pieces without the hassle of finding them, a new wave of antiquing has taken over a newer app and is now making it easier than ever to shop. Primarily known as a place to post vacation photos and #FoodPorn, Instagram has started to evolve beyond its original purpose. Thrifters, antique specialists, and vintage hunters have turned here to share (and sell) their favorite finds. Whether you’re looking for a 1960s dress, mid-century modern home decor, or upcycled jewelry, this app has a new, more streamlined way of bringing you vintage finds. Scrolling has always been easier than sorting through piles of misses and dust, so allow someone else to do the hunting and refining for you. Looking to dip your toes into the wonderful world of Instagram thrifting? We’re here to help you get your start, guiding you toward some user-favorites as well as some hidden gems.

15 Unexpected Places With Great Fall Foliage

We found leaves in a hopeless place.

Who said Appalachia and New England get to have all the fall fun? I’m sorry, but these locations need love, too. So, grab your pumpkin spice lattes, we’re going on a leaf-peeping road trip.