Retainer to Engage My Services

Thank you for choosing Travel Overtures LLC to assist you in your vacation planning.

In order to perform the professional services required to plan and arrange your travel, a consultation research fee is required. The fee is non-refundable. Vacation planning involves much time. My work is based on years of personal experience and professional expertise. I consider your lifestyle, your travel goals, your travel history, and your special requests when planning your vacation. I research cruises, hotels and tours to meet your specific needs, contact suppliers, coordinate transportation, and arrange for guides and drivers to finely craft your signature travel program. Your final itinerary and documents will give you as smooth a vacation as is possible. Once Travel Overtures LLC has constructed your itinerary, you are free to shop it on the Internet or wherever you would like. I can also book and arrange it all for you. In that case, all you'll need to do is pack your bags!

All vacations arranged through Travel Overtures LLC offer peace of mind. I am an experienced professional in the business of planning individual travel for sophisticated travelers who demand the most professional individual attention to detail and execution of a well-planned vacation.

Research and Consultation Fee Required To Plan Vacation

Fee Amount:  

2-3 passengers         Consultation & Research Fee = $250.00
4 + passengers         Consultation & Research Fee = $500.00

If paying by check please make check payable to Travel Overtures LLC.
Mail to:

Travel Overtures LLC,
820 W. Danforth Rd.,
Edmond, OK 73003

Credit Card Deposits (additional 5% fee applies)
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This Research and Consultation Fee Agreement is Required On All Itineraries

Please use the form below to submit a payment for your trip.

I look forward to providing you with a great itinerary customized to your travel dreams!
Thank you.



Please charge my credit card referenced above in the amount indicated above for Custom Complex Travel Itinerary Planning and Management. I understand a 5% fee will be added to the amount for credit card transactions.

I agree with the above terms and conditions and engage Travel Overtures LLC to research my vacation plans. I understand this fee to be non-refundable as remuneration for professional efforts made on my behalf. In exchange, I will receive a personal consultation offering relevant advice and a suggested itinerary for a vacation tailored to my interests and goals based upon the requested information I have provided on the Custom Travel Assessment and through interviews. I understand that should I also wish Travel Overtures LLC to actually book my travel as per the agreed upon itinerary, I will pay the costs of the services booked (accommodations, transportation, guides/drivers/concierge services/tours/travel insurance, etc).

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If you are using a debit card with a daily spending limit, it is your responsibility to contact your bank to give them permission to authorize the transaction. If they require the name of the vendor and you are unsure as to who that is, please contact 

Travel Overtures LLC, 405-293-2003 or 877-669-9387 or email