Airlines React to the Corona Virus

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AeroMexico Airlines

AeroMexico Airlines provides important information on flexibility waivers due to the coronavirus. Current travel updates include affected routes and destinations. See coronavirus updates from AeroMexico.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines overviews their response to the coronavirus outbreak, including their flight attendants’ proactive measures against spreading the disease. Read about their suspended change and cancellation fees on their most current page for coronavirus updatesSee coronavirus updates from Alaska Airlines.

American Airlines

American Airlines provides a current overview of their most updated information regarding travel alerts and requirements for their waived schedule fees. See how the AA travel alerts may affect your group travel. American Airlines lists their most recent travel alerts for specific destinations. Discover how your flight schedule may be impacted to determine the best course of action for your group.

Stay current by signing up for American Airlines news alerts hereSee coronavirus updates from American Airlines.

Avianca Airlines

Avianca Airlines has taken proactive measures on behalf of the traveler’s safety. Read about the airline’s current waivers, exemptions, and protocols in response to the coronavirus. See coronavirus updates from Avianca Airlines.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines allows users to check “up-to-the-minute information” on current flight schedules. You can check your flight status and how it may be impacted by the coronavirus. Delta pledges to continually update their News Hub to include the most current news regarding their flight schedules, waived fees, and route information that are impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. Check out their latest information on the coronavirus and travel. Don’t miss an update. Sign up for Delta news alerts hereSee coronavirus updates from Delta Air Lines

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines offers flexibility for its passengers during the coronavirus outbreak. You can check out their latest travel waiver information and coronavirus travel advisoriesSee coronavirus updates from Hawaiian Airlines.


JetBlue has reported waived change and cancel fees along with airport alerts for impacted destinations. Check out their latest travel alerts and how they may affect your group flights. See coronavirus updates from JetBlue.

LATAM Airlines

LATAM Airlines declares current travel restrictions for different countries, as they relate to the coronavirus outbreak. The airline lists options for rebooking and refunding airline tickets when applicable. See coronavirus updates from LATAM Airlines.

United Airlines

United has issued new travel waivers for impacted destinations of the coronavirus outbreak. You can also reference specific country information on their international travel pageSee coronavirus updates from United Airlines.

European Airlines – Response to Coronavirus Outbreak

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus informs passengers that they will contact passengers directly if flight changes are made to your current booking. No other information regarding the coronavirus is provided at this time from Aer Lingus.

Air France

Air France gives an overview of its response to the coronavirus health situation. Passengers can check their current flight status and review updated information on schedule changes and travel restrictions due to the coronavirus outbreak. See coronavirus updates from Air France.


Alitalia issues a new travel policy in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Check out the latest on their change fee waivers, re-booking policies, and travel restrictions which are currently affected by the coronavirus. See coronavirus updates from Alitalia.

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines lists current travel alerts and rebooking options amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Discover which flights are canceled and find the best option if your group is affected. See coronavirus updates from Austrian Airlines.

British Airways

British Airways commits to providing regular updates on the coronavirus and booking procedures. You can read their statement on waiving schedule changes for new bookings made within a given timeframe.See coronavirus updates from British Airways.

Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines gives information regarding adapted flight offers on select routes due to the coronavirus outbreak. Rebooking and refunds may be possible. Check out their press releases for additional information. See coronavirus updates from Brussels Airlines.

Condor Airlines

Condor Airlines provides the latest travel updates regarding the coronavirus and how the outbreak has affected current routes, entry requirements, and rebooking options. See coronavirus updates from Condor Airlines.

Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines encourages travelers to “fly with confidence” amidst the coronavirus by offering penalty-free changes and exchange options for those with qualifying flights. See coronavirus updates from Copa Airlines.


Finnair lays out their travel updates due to the coronavirus. Learn which flights are canceled and your best options if your group is affected. See coronavirus updates from Finnair.


Iberia reveals the latest information on their flights affected by the coronavirus outbreak. If you’ve already booked a flight, you may be able to change select routes or dates within a given time period. Blackout dates may also be implemented. See coronavirus updates from Iberia.


Icelandair provides their response to the coronavirus outbreak. The airline gives advice on how to prepare to travel, information on change fee waivers, and tips for traveling to high-risk areas. See coronavirus updates from Icelandair.


KLM provides its latest flight information amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Select routes have been suspended, while flexible rebooking policies have been offered. See if your flight has been affected to decide if rebooking is the best, available option for your group. See coronavirus updates from KLM.

LOT Polish Airlines

Polish Airlines lists updates for flight suspensions, along with updated check-in procedures and select entry restrictions due to the coronavirusSee coronavirus updates from LOT Polish Airlines.


Lufthansa summarizes their current information regarding flight programs and the coronavirus outbreak. You can review their policies for refunding, rebooking, and travel restrictions if your flight schedule has been affected. See coronavirus updates from Lufthansa Group.


Norwegian lists coronavirus updates as relevant to upcoming cancellations and current travel restrictions. Discover which routes and destinations are affected. See coronavirus updates from Norwegian.

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

SAS provides its latest updates for flights and routes affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Some passengers on select routes are able to voluntarily change their travel dates at no extra charge or request a refund. You can also review their press releases for further information.

See coronavirus updates from SAS.

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS)

SWISS lists your rebooking options, refund availability, and various entry restrictions for affected passengers of the coronavirus outbreak. See coronavirus updates from SWISS.

TAP Air Portugal

TAP Air Portugal encourages people to “book with confidence” amidst the coronavirus outbreak. The airline lists which destinations and travel dates will waive change fees, so you can find the best option if your group is affected. See coronavirus updates from TAP Air Portugal.

TUI Airways

TUI Airways recognizes the current coronavirus situation and lists common questions and answers regarding flights impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. If you have questions regarding an upcoming flight, check out the airline’s Q&As. See coronavirus updates from TUI Airways.

Ukraine International Airlines (UIA)

UIA responds to the coronavirus with waivers on change fees. Waivers, rebooking, and refunds are subject to certain departure dates according to ticket validity on limited routes. See coronavirus updates from UIA.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic clearly states its impacted travel dates, affected destinations, and the permitted travel period for rebooking airline tickets. Passengers who are affected by the coronavirus can review their options regarding their flightsSee coronavirus updates from Virgin Atlantic.

Asian Airlines – Response to Coronavirus Outbreak

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand provides updated travel alerts regarding the coronavirus. Their page includes a video on how the airline is helping current travelers prevent the spread of the virus, and where you can find travel restrictions and entry requirements for the various destinations they service. See coronavirus updates from Air New Zealand.

Air Tahiti Nui

Air Tahiti Nui adds updates on their current response to the coronavirus outbreak. The airline provides clarification for those traveling to and from affected areas. See coronavirus updates from Air Tahiti Nui.

All Nippon Airways (ANA)

ANA lists its precautionary measures for responding to the coronavirus outbreak. The airline has suspended select routes, taken special measures for airline tickets, and listed entry conditions for different countries. See coronavirus updates from ANA.

Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines provides two travel notices regarding the coronavirus: one for current flight suspensions and reductions, and another one for country entry requirements. The airline also includes information on ticket refunding or exchanging for different types of itineraries. See coronavirus updates from Asiana Airlines.

Cathay Pacific Airlines

Cathay Pacific Airlines releases their latest updates regarding coronavirus travel restrictions. Information includes entry restrictions for various destinations they service. See coronavirus updates from Cathay Pacific Airlines.

China Airlines

China Airlines offers a coronavirus service hub for all the information travelers would need about the outbreak and their affected flights. For country-specific questions regarding ticketing, rescheduling, and refunds, you can reference their travel advisory updatesSee coronavirus updates from China Airlines.

China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines lists their most current news alerts regarding the coronavirus. Updates include travel reminders of quarantines, ticket refunding and scheduling, and flight cancellations. See coronavirus updates from China Eastern Airlines.

China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines releases ongoing press releases regarding the coronavirus and their affected flight regions. Additionally, the airline provides traveling guidelines for the coronavirus outbreak. For those traveling to or within the Wuhan region, the carrier provides specific arrival instructions. See coronavirus updates from China Southern Airlines.


Emirates posts travel updates due to the coronavirus outbreak. Updates include current flight suspensions, refund and rebooking guidelines, security alerts, and operational changes due to the coronavirus. See coronavirus updates from Emirates.

Eva Air

Eva Air has suspended several routes due to the coronavirus. Visit their dedicated coronavirus travel hub to uncover detailed information on current flight statuses, changes, and refunds regarding current and future bookings. See coronavirus updates from Eva Air.

Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines lists current news releases regarding their response to the coronavirus outbreak. Please reference the airline’s notices on rebooking rules and temporary closings due to the coronavirus. See coronavirus updates from Hainan Airlines.

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines provides a coronavirus resource center where you can get updated information on travel alerts in Japan, along with domestic and international flight details. Check out their links for flight suspensions, changes, and refunds if they apply to your upcoming travel plans. See coronavirus updates from Japan Airlines.

Korean Air

Korean Air displays a banner warning on their homepage that reveals current flight cancellations due to the coronavirus outbreak. The airline also lists entry restrictions for flyers to different countries. For detailed information, check out their list of current press releases regarding the coronavirus and travel. See coronavirus updates from Korean Air.

Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines describes the coronavirus and explains ways the public can prevent the spread of the virus. They also list clinic locations in their various airport terminals if a flyer needs medical assistance during travel. For information on specific destinations, you can check out their current list of canceled flights and travel restrictions. See coronavirus updates from Philippine Airlines.


Qantas lists travel restrictions and flight information for travelers affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Their guide provides insight for immigration changes, flight changes, and refund requests. See coronavirus updates from Qantas.

QATAR Airways

QATAR Airways has implemented new service alterations to accommodate the coronavirus outbreak. Entry restrictions by country are also available. Affected passengers can view their options for rebooking or refunding their flights. See coronavirus updates from QATAR Airways.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has taken precautions to protect its crew and passengers against the spread of the coronavirus. The airline provides entry requirements for visitors to Singapore, along with current travel waivers regarding cancellation and change fees. See coronavirus updates from Singapore Airlines.

Thai Airways

Thai Airways lists current flight cancellations due to the coronavirus. Flight reroutes and ticketing procedures for the coronavirus are also listed. See coronavirus updates from Thai Airways.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines lists current flight cancellations by region, due to the coronavirus. Additionally, each region includes details for change, refund, and reissuing requests. See coronavirus updates from Turkish Airlines.

Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia relays travel restrictions according to the coronavirus outbreak. The airline provides onboard health and safety practices along with information regarding flight flexibility for current international bookings. See coronavirus updates from Virgin Australia.

African Airlines – Response to Coronavirus Outbreak


Egyptair responds to the current airline procedures toward the coronavirus by offering free waivers on select flights. See coronavirus updates from Egyptair.

Ethiopian Airlines

Check out the health advisory from Ethiopian Airlines regarding the coronavirus and travel. Their website includes policies on refunds, rebooking, and rerouting airline tickets. See coronavirus updates from Ethiopian Airlines.

South African Airways

South African Airways lists general information regarding the coronavirus and travel, including helpful updates from IATA. See coronavirus updates from South African Airways.

Questions Regarding Coronavirus Policies with Airlines

If you have a specific question regarding schedule changes, waived fees, or rebooking policies due to the coronavirus outbreak, make sure to contact your airline directly.