Why Group Travel?

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     Why Group Travel? Who travels in groups?

     Yes, I know, you're visualizing a stuffy crowded motorcoach of elderly men wearing plaid bermudas and old women in floppy hats, right? Well, actually, the group travel landscape has changed over the years, and is rapidly growing in popularity!

Did you know:

  • Group travel is enjoyed by more than half of American travelers, from professionally escorted pre-formed group itineraries to smaller, family or friend getaways.

    • Group travel is the safest form and cheapest form of travel today. Being with a group ensures maximum safety for even though you are thousand miles away from home

    • Group travel can be traveling with members of your worship community, social club, performance group, school, business, or non-profit association. Group travel is also a factor with family reunions, destination weddings, student educational trips, and so on.

    • Group travel can take the form of a cruise, a guided land tour, or a resort stay.

    • It can be theme-based, or as a vehicle for a retreat, a seminar, or fundraiser.

    • Traveling in a group is extremely cost effective. It can be as All-Inclusive as you desire, or as basic as you wish. All travel suppliers favor group arrangements, and attractive pricing and amenities, or "perks" are often thrown in to entice group bookings.

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