Are We a Good Fit?

Your bespoke luxury independent vacation, tour, or cruise will be artfully arranged with as much care for your personal comfort, preferential treatment, and the greatest value for your hard-earned dollars as is possible.
I consider your lifestyle, your past travel experiences, your current reasons and hopes for the trip, and the amount of time you have available to custom craft your unique vacation. It really is possible to travel and have your needs and desires met! I do it for my current clients and I can do the same for you.

I only work with people who are serious about enjoying and getting the most out of their travel experiences. I do not work with people who simply want a quick, 'cheap flight' (there is no such thing, really), or a canned, 'run-of-the-house' Vegas get-away, a pre-packaged tropical resort stay, or a bargain party with 4,000+ of your closest friends on a mass-market mega-ship.

Not everyone is a good candidate for my luxury leisure travel consulting and concierge services.

We're a good fit to work together if.. already have some idea of the region you want to visit, but are struggling with not knowing specifically where to go, where to stay, or how to get there and are ready and willing to turn to a travel specialist who has the experience and resources to create your trip of a lifetime.

Most of my clients come to me because they're confused and frustrated. Often, they are discouraged. Perhaps you can relate to them. Before speaking with me, they would lose sleep over choosing where to stay (luxury hotel? boutique hotel or B&B? private villa, castle, apartment or cottage?); whether a privately guided or a self-guided tour is best; should they sightsee 'off the beaten track' and will it be safe? Wondering what to wear, if there is a language barrier, how much are taxis, are the trains 'nice', is it easy and safe to self-drive? Many times potential clients tell me, "I am fed up with trying to sift through all the hype and glowing ad descriptions on the internet. Every property claims to be the best" or "I am not sure I can trust the online reviews" or "Our friends went there and had a great time, but they traveled without their kids; there'll be five of us" or "We want to be married in ______, but we can only find pre-set packages and we'll be just one of several weddings pushed through that day. We want our wedding day to be just for us."

My clients are engaged or established couples, families with older children, and "mature" adults who ...

  • do not have time for the amount of destination research a great trip requires
  • have become disillusioned with "over the top" advertising hype for run-of-the-mill vacation packages
  • have already tried - and are now bored with - the typical tropical resort packages and cruises
  • are really tired of booking that 'cheap deal' online only to find surprise hidden fees at every turn once they arrive
  • are frustrated with lengthy "on hold" telephone calls to impersonal operators when travel issues arise
  • understand the value of working with a destination expert
  • realize the benefit of letting a travel specialist handle the trip logistics for them
  • want to be pampered and treated like a VIP and
  • who, after our initial consultation and first meeting in which I prove my worth - are willing to sign a Plan-to-Go contract if we enter into a business relationship.
If this sounds like you, we may be a good fit to work together.

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