Do You Know These 7 Cruise Tips?

Do You Know These Seven Tips for Cruising?

  1. Autumn is the least expensive season for cruising.
  2. Booking through a travel agent can get you special perks like transfers, amenities, onboard credit, extra services, coordinated flights, and shore excursions.
  3. Formal nights are optional on most cruise lines, these days.
  4. Room service is free, but specialty restaurants, bistros, and cafes do cost extra.
  5. Book spa treatments and salon visits on days that the ship is in port. Fewer people will be on board. Because of this, services will cost much less, and the lines will be much shorter.
  6. Cruising with the kids? Sail on one of the larger ocean liners for a greater array of activities. Plus, the larger ships have supervised age-appropriate programs, or "clubs" for the kids where they can hang out with other kids their age.
  7. Booking your shore excursions through your travel agent or a tour operator rather than through the cruise line can save you up to 30%!