Benefits of Packing a Microfiber Towel

Benefits of Packing a Microfiber Towel


When I travel, I pack a microfiber towel and a 12-pk of cheap facial wash cloths. European and Middle East hotels typically do not provide wash cloths (well, they provide what we would call a hand towel which I personally find way too large for face washing). In addition, sometimes bath towels are not replaced every single day. So, if one wants to go swimming, for example, then one may end up without a towel to dry off with after bathing...So, I can only tell you that I carry a large microfiber towel with me, as well, just to be prepared. The microfiber towel can absorb all the water from my body and hair, and it dries very quickly, and I still have the hotel towel for swimming, or whatever. I also take the washcloths, using and discarding one each day.

If you want a microfiber towel, they can be found in the Beauty Supply section of Walmart marketed as a hair turban, head wrap, or some such, and are about 30 inches long by 15-18" wide. The automotive section of Walmart also carries them, but they are a bit smaller. They also make good packing material on the way home for the beautiful Armenian pottery or carved olive wood figures some of you will purchase. I have even used them for cushioning my laptop when it travels in my carryon instead of in my computer bag.

Please don't feel you have to have them. It is not necessary to carry a microfiber towel. I am just giving my experience and practice.  In fact, on my last trip, I didn't use the ones I had in my suitcase. But I always have them, and have found them very useful for all of the above at one time, or another.

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