• What activity happens to be the most popular and common form of leisure and recreation?
  • What activity can offer wonderful, enjoyable shared experiences for all ages?
  • What activity helps bring religious history, heritage, holy sites and cultures alive?
  • What activity enables a person to experience their faith spiritually, intellecturally, emotionally, socially, and physically?
  • What activity inspires and instills a sense of life’s purpose into its participants?
  • What activity allows one to explore God’s creation?
  • What activity presents the best possible vehicle for education into world history, politics, culture, and peoples?
  • What activity fosters closer relationships between members and their spiritual leaders?
  • What activity serves as a vehicle for outreach, missionary work, and humanitarianism?
  • What activity provides all of the above, and can also serve as a viable means of fundraising for a parish?

The  answer is…FAITH BASED TRAVEL!

I specialize in arranging custom group itineraries for Christian (Catholic and Protestant) and Jewish communities.

Are you wanting to lead a Religious Heritage tour, a Mission Trip, or a Youth Group or Voluntourism trip?
Perhaps you are thinking of a Retreat or Theological Seminar. Is your director of Music Ministry wishing for a Concert tour or Pilgrimage with the choir assisting with liturgical music for worship services in cathedrals?

If you are launching a capital project, consider that Fundraising cruises and tours are a great way to raise money for your worship community.

Whether you plan to travel internationally or domestically, for a few days or a few weeks, do give me a call. I work with only the best operators who are members of USTOA, NTA, and SYTA. And best of all, the details are all handled for you, so all you have to do is spread the word among your community members, pack your bags, and go!

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