Tips for Women Traveling Alone – Pt. 3

Tips for Women Traveling Alone Pt. 3

By Melani

How you will get from place to place—from your hotel to the convention center or from city to city–is also an important safety consideration.

•Research your destination to determine whether it is safest to rent a car or take public transportation.

•When traveling abroad, we can tell you if an International Driver’s Permit is required.

•Purchase maps and write out directions ahead of time. You want to learn as much as possible about getting around the streets so that you avoid looking like a lost tourist.

•Make sure to bring a cellular phone and car charger in case of an emergency.

•If you must stop for directions, only do so at well-lit public areas.

•Lock all doors while driving and don’t keep any valuables on seats.

•Also keep maps discrete to avoid looking like a vulnerable tourist.

Reserving a rental car through Travel Overtures LLC also has its advantages in that we can refer you to proven and trusted rental companies. At your destination, rental agents should always explain the car’s features, provide directions and, in a foreign country, brief you about international traffic signs and rules of the road. Avoid renting hatchbacks–luggage in the trunk can be easily seen.

Young businesswoman driving car