Tips for Women Traveling Alone – Pt. 2

Tips for Women Traveling Alone Pt. 2

By Melani

Another consideration for women, especially those traveling alone, is lodging.

Travel Overtures LLC can locate woman-friendly hotels and book the safest room possible. Smaller hotels are often safest since the staff is more familiar with guests and more able to effectively monitor who enters and exits the building. Hotels on a well-trafficked street with an active nightlife will also fend away would-be thieves. Avoid “walk-up” style hotels.


•When selecting a hotel, ask if they have staff available to escort you to your room late at night.

•When requesting a room, keep in mind that ground floor rooms are more susceptible to break-ins than are higher floors.

•Ask for a room near the elevators but away from stairwells and any renovation work. These allow intruders to easily access your room and hide if necessary.

•Never accept a room if the clerk loudly calls out your name and room number.

•Make sure the room’s door has both a peephole and a deadbolt. When given the option, store valuables in the safe at the front-desk rather than in-room safes–  the main safe is usually better insured.

•Hide more expensive clothes under other garments since robbers are most likely to steal what they can easily spot. If anything does get stolen, immediately ask management for help–most hotel theft is committed by staff.