Mix and Match Wardrobe for Autumn in Italy

Mix and Match Wardrobe for Autumn in Italy

by Melani

If you're at all like me, you just dread the thought of packing for your next trip. Sure, we dream of new experiences wearing new outfits in new places...we know, don't we, that we just can't take the whole closet with us...and how can we even think of not having coordinated shoes, purses, jewelry? Not to mention all of our hair and skin care and cosmetics we lug around (but those are a subject for another day).

I have a few simple rules, whether I am planning on checking luggage under the plane, getting by with a carry-on bag, cruising, or driving.

  • --Two pair of shoes, one casual suitable for walking, and one more dressy pair, low heeled, to handle any surface or the motion of a ship;
  • --A cardigan or blazer;
  • --A scarf and/or shawl
  • --A belt
  • --One purse with a smaller slim flat clutch for evening that is packed empty inside something else
  • --Every item of clothing and jewelry must work with at least two other pieces of clothing or it cannot travel with me.
  • --(optional) A tote bag packed flat to carry home souvenirs on the plane, if necessary.

That's it.

Here, for example, is what I packed for my October 14-day trip to Italy. All fit easily into one carry-on suitcase.

  1. black dress
  2. black slacks
  3. black cardigan
  4. grey dress
  5. grey slacks
  6. rose print dress
  7. turqouise print dress
  8. blk/grey/blue shirt
  9. blk/white shirt
  10. black tshirt
  11. grey tshirt
  12. pink tshirt
  13. pink floral blouse
  14. yellow sweater
  15. black belt
  16. black shoes
  17. black purse
  18. pashmini scarf
  19. paisley scarf
  20. little snap-in "cami" triangles (1 black, 1 white)

Even with these, a few more combos could have been made. Twenty seven looks. I had daytime outfits, business meeting outfits, casual outfits, and dinner outfits. And I still didn't wear them all. I'll be paring down even more, but this was a great collection put together. Your styles and colors may differ from mine, of course, but do you want to know what the best part of this collection was? It all came out of my existing closet stash. Nothing new was purchased.

italy autumn wardrobe 1
italy autumn wardrobe 2
italy autumn wardrobe 3
italy autumn wardrobe 4