Your group will celebrate Mass in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome!


Take your choir on a performance tour! We can pair you up with a "sister choir" for a truly immersive cultural experience!


What can be better than dining in local restaurants, enjoying the culinary scene. Pasta, anyone?


Celebrate Holy Mass at Tabgha, on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, Israel.


Gain unique perspectives on Church history through sacred art, Biblical artifacts, and historical documents.


Walk in the footsteps of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Walk the Palm Sunday Road from Gethsemane to the gates of Jerusalem.


The Abbey of St. Wandrille (Fontenelle Abbey) is a Benedictine monastery founded in 649 by St. Wandrille and houses his relics. Try the spicy amber beer, the only beer brewed by monks in France.


Spend time in one of the Old Harbor's many sidewalk restaurants, ride the Ferris Wheel for a superb view of the town, and sample some of the finest cheeses in France.


Hang out with Charlie! The silent film star loved vacationing in Waterville, County Kerry, which erected this bronze statue of him in the center of town on the waterfront.


The 12-acre Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial contains the remains of 9,387 American military who died in Europe during WWII,  most of whom were killed the during the invasion of Normandy.


Tour the wineries and vineyards of Napa Valley, CA. Sample domestic vintages rivalling fine French wines. 


Built c. 1182 by Donal Mor O'Brien, King of Munster, in 1249 it was placed under the rule of the Cistercian Abbey of Furness in Lancashire. It was dissolved in 1564.


The Church of St. Maclou is just one of the charming sites in Conflans - Sainte-Honorine. The name Conflans reflects the town's location at the confluence of the Oise and Seine River. The name Honorine refers to France's oldest revered virgin martyr whose remains are interred within.


Delight in the wonder that is Paris! Whether you explore the historic, fashion-concious, bourgeois, or bohemian and arty sides of Paris, one thing is certain: the City of Light will surely enthrall!


Be transported back to the Middle Ages in France's northern capital city. Nibble on strawberry crepes while wandering the cobblestone streets that St. Joan of Arc once called home. Don't miss the Gothic cathedral and the Clock Tower!


What would a trip to France be without the sweetness of macaroons? The French truly have a way with delectable sweets.

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